Purchased from us


 Air Check


 Brake ckeck


 Tire mount

(Depending on tire size)
 High speed balancing
 Free (w/ cone centric )

 $7.50 per tire
 Tire rotation
 $2.50 per tire

 $2.50 per tire
 Valve stem
 $5.00 per tire

 $10 per tire
 Tire Plugs
 $10.00 (free if within the 7 days warranty)

 $10.00 per tire
 Tire Patch
 $15.00 -$30.00 (free if within the 7 days warranty)

 $15.00-$30.00(Depending on tire size)




"Quality tires meet lowest prices"
 Used Tires starting at  $35.00

We have the best tire technicians , they are armed with  the know-how and the experience to baby your vehicle with

quality used tires . we provide you with options in order to make the right decision and save  money. sometimes your

tires may still be good and it takes honest technician like us to save you from useless spending .

                                when it comes to New and Used tires , please come to us ....
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